Williams tweaks bargeboards to reduce wind sensitivity problem

Williams entered the 2021 season looking to continue the progress it showed last year with the updated FW43 car, while also pushing more and more resources to the new car designs planned for 2022. The team said last month that it was in the “final throes” of developing its car for this year as it battles […]

How Alesi battled tears to take his only F1 win

Driving the number 27 Ferrari made famous by Gilles Villeneuve, at the circuit named after the country’s fallen hero, Alesi finally delivered a win after years of frustrating near misses in F1. To cap it all, it came on his birthday too. But as was so typical of his career, the afternoon in Montreal in […]

The biggest incidents of F1 cheating: Spygate, Crashgate and more

Formula 1 is populated by drivers and teams alike who revel in the competitive aspect, and will do whatever it takes to win. For the most part, the desire to become the best driver or to build the best car suffices – but there’s also the desire to put the limits of the regulations to […]

F1 drivers backed decision for two-lap standing restart in Baku

Race leader Max Verstappen suffered a tyre failure at high-speed with four laps remaining, with the subsequent crash leaving debris strewn across the track that resulted in a red flag. While the track was cleared, race director Michael Masi announced the race would be completed, setting up a two-lap sprint from a standing restart. It […]

Kubica still has regrets over missed title bid in 2008

Kubica took the lead of the F1 drivers’ championship for the first time after his maiden grand prix victory in Canada in 2008, and was just two points off the top at the halfway point of the season. But after BMW opted to shift its focus to its 2009 car and the introduction of KERS, the […]

Drivers to raise concerns over safety car delay in Baku

A tyre failure with four laps to go caused Verstappen to spin out at one of the fastest points on the circuit on the main straight, crashing into the wall and leaving debris strewn across the track. The incident ultimately led to the race being suspended so the track could be cleared under a red […]