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Binotto details Ferrari's pre-Russian GP "deal"

Binotto confirmed that, based on what has happened in previous Sochi races, the team put its energies into finding a way to ensure that its cars were first and second at the end of the first lap, given that they were starting first and third, with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in between. “Looking at the […]

Binotto: Ferrari reliability woes unrelated to new role

A short circuit within the control systems of Charles Leclerc’s engine denied the Monegasque and Ferrari what would’ve been a breakthrough first win of the season in Bahrain, and both Leclerc and teammate Sebastian Vettel have since suffered costly failures in qualifying. The latest such occurrence in Germany prompted Binotto to say that Ferrari would […]

Williams had to "reconfigure the machine" to begin F1 revival

The British team has undertaken an extensive review of its working practices after slipping to the back of the F1 grid in the last two seasons, and deputy team principal Claire Williams has said this year that the outfit has returned to base principles in some areas.  After a slow start to 2019 because of […]

Matsushita: F1 graduation still in my hands

Matsushita returned to F2 at the start of 2019 after a year away in Super Formula, having received Honda’s blessing to revive his F1 bid. Honda has made clear its desire to place a Japanese driver in F1 with either Red Bull or Toro Rosso, and Matsushita is currently its best short-term bet unless Naoki Yamamoto […]

F1 tech race: Giorgio Piola on key 2019 developments

2019 bargeboard regulation 1/7 Photo by: Giorgio Piola The height at which the bargeboards could extend upward was reduced by 150mm, but they can now sit 100mm further forward. Mercedes AMG F1 W10 bargeboard 2/7 Photo by: Giorgio Piola Mercedes’ bargeboards and surrounding aerodynamic paraphernalia were given an extensive overhaul in the ‘B’-spec package that […]

Red Bull’s ruthless history of mid-season F1 driver swaps

In this video, we round up every time Red Bull or Toro Rosso has replaced a driver in the middle of a campaign, and the reasons why. We also highlight a remarkable might-have-been in which a motorsport legend from elsewhere nearly raced a Toro Rosso as a one-off. Read Also: