Endless controversy, Barcelona in total chaos before the challenge to Inter


The success against Getafe in the exchange didn’t serve to reestablish peacefulness to the Barcelona camp. There is a confusion and the circumstance is a long way from normal. It has transformed into a group where issues began in the mid year and appear to have no closure. When one contention shuts, another starts.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea whether the club put forth a valiant effort to move him. I don’t generally have a clue whether the club cherished him or not”,said Messi. In any case, the outrage on this point was twofold: Neymar not only didn’t come, yet a few footballers felt annoyed in light of the fact that they would be utilized in return for the Brazilian.

One of them was Rakitic, who in the past had been immune to Valverde. This year has begun the season gravely, overlooked and under strain. This debate finished in the renunciation of Horde Mestre and the abrupt takeoff of Pep Segura. The exchange of Grizman was difficult for Barcelona, as the Frenchman had rejected them a year sooner. The alliance examined the discussions between the Catalan club and Atletico’s striker and fined him 300 euros.
Dembele – But the “seismic tremors” are not finished. They keep on causing a great deal of shakiness in the squad. Another hotly debated issue is that of Dembele striker.

He also would be utilized by the pioneers in return for Neymar. In the initial seven weeks of the title, the Frenchman has been harmed twice and this has prompted Valverde’s loss of certainty. Artur Melo on the playing field is progressing admirably, however outside he isn’t indicating discipline. He went through the night with Neymar when the last desired preliminary, something that disappointed Catalan pioneers.