England manager Gareth Southgate urges clubs to give English youth a chance following summer of success


Gareth Southgate

England manager Gareth Southgate is hoping the recent success of the country’s young players will see more of them trusted by their clubs this season.

The Football Association has enjoyed an unprecedented series of tournament triumph this summer, with England winning the Under-20 World Cup, the Under-19 European Championship and the Toulon Tournament.

England also finished runners-up in the Under-17 Euros and were beaten semi-finalists in the Under-21 edition.

Now the focus moves to when, where and if those players will get the chance to showcase their skills in competitive action when the season gets under way.

For Southgate, it is imperative for fresh blood to emerge on the pathway, and he told BBC Sport: “People in any industry need opportunity.

“You can have the best education system going but if people don’t have the opportunity to display what you can do then it’s difficult for them to develop.

“Hopefully the clubs have seen this summer that our young players are as good as any from across Europe and some of the rest of the world.

“From a personal perspective, the more English players we have playing in the Premier League and the highest possible level gives us better depth to pick from.”

Southgate also looks enviously at the resources available to other national bosses and hopes to see more England-qualified talent on show in the years to come.

“At the moment we only have around 33 per cent in the (Premier League) that are English,” he said.

“Other countries have far higher percentages in their own league and probably export more players than we do. That’s one of the challenges we face.”