Gagliardini: Inter at the top of the world


Roberto Gagliardini confirmed that Suning Group want to lead Inter to the top of the world, as he spoke about his settling in the Nerazzurri squad.

The talented Italian midfielder joined from Atalanta in January, and says that Chinese ownership has made clear their ambitions.

“They are a team with great ambitions,” said Sky Gagliardini initially.

“Since the beginning made me realize that they aspire to bring Inter back to where they should be. In a few years we will definitely be at the top of the world ”

“In the meantime, I will say that the fans support us and believe in us. We will work to achieve our goals. ”

Gagliardini was also asked how he is adjusting to life at Inter Milan.

“It was a good start for me. I am happy, it is easy with the help of my teammates and coach [Stefano Pioli], they made me more easier.

“I do not think much about the step taken, it certainly was a good start and I want to continue to do so even further.

“I’m close to [Danilo] D’Ambrosio, we sit next to each other in the dressing room. He is from the south, with a very open character. ”

“As for Pioli, he is very knowledgeable coach who prepares the games in detail. We could have played better against Rome, but this is the past. ”

“There are a lot of games to the end, and we are working to recover as we did after the last barrier against Juventus. We know that the match against Roma was important, so we see it as a bad loss, “concluded the Italian.