Nadal hopes: I can also win Roland Garros


Rafael Nadal is enthusiastic about the successes he has achieved in the Montecarlo and Barcelona tournaments, returning to the former tennis player shape that would rule the field.

“I won two important tournaments for me and I started the adventure on the surface with me. That motivates me even more for the future, as it gives me confidence for other tournaments in this area and above all to win Grand Slam of Roland Garros. ”

“In my career it was important that I did not count neither loss nor victory, taking things into normal,” said the Spanish tennis player.

Nadal rejoined in Montekarlo and Barcelona tenth successes, which no one else has ever achieved and is now in fifth place overall, 390 points behind Federer.

“I want Roland Garros to be among the 4 best. But even if that does not happen I do not fret because I know I can win that tour. I’m well prepared for this area and I hope to keep this pace in two other Masters tournaments that take place in Madrid and Rome, “Nadal told the Spanish media, one of the tennis tennis icons, considered” king “in the field dirt.